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Throwing all carb-caution to the wind, Cheesiano Pizza's menu is all you’ll want to eat, either in one sitting with ten friends or ten sittings with one. Here they have a pizza list where each is better looking than the last. And they really are excellent, the bases are that magic mix of soft yet charred and blackened, beautifully seasoned and smoky. But it might be the Veg Mexicana that thrills us most. Here, fior di latte is melted over the bottom with a fresh, slightly acidic relish of Jalapenos, capsicum, Sweet Corn and tomato. The zinger here is the crumbly chunks of cheese that pop with every bite.

Fun Facts

Here’s a fun fact: the shape you make when you fold a piece 
of pizza in half to eat it is called a libretto. Yup, just like in the opera. And you know you’re eating a good pizza when you can fold with ease. At Cheesino, the tiny little pizzeria in Pune you can fold the hell out of your Pizza. It’s all salt, brine and tomato with its mix of capsicum, paprika and mushroom on a tomato base. And cheese-free to boot. #funfact


Opening shortly in Wanavrie.